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Leader Pulse

Leadership ideas, trends, and smarts

Welcome to Leader Pulse, DDI’s blog that has its finger on the pulse of leadership trends, practices, and ideas. Here, DDI’s leadership experts from around the world share insights, offer opinions and points of view, and spark debate on current leadership issues.

2013 Selection Trends: Managing Uncertainty for Success
In this sneak-peek preview of the year’s trends, we reveal HR must-haves and look at how top-performers are dressing for success.
Posted: 04 Feb, 2013, by Scott Erker, Ph.D.
"The Law of the Hammer" in Training - Part Two
There are three general principles that should guide your plans to leverage social technology, particularly for leadership development and other “soft” skills.
Posted: 18 Jan, 2013, by Pete Weaver
"The Law of the Hammer" in Training
Unfortunately, some learning and development professionals have tried to force-fit social learning tools and platforms into topics and cultures whether or not they are necessarily well-suited. And regardless of the tools in our tool box, a few maxims about effective learning systems haven’t changed.
Posted: 10 Jan, 2013, by Pete Weaver
Buyer's Remorse? Employers and New Hires Doubt Decisions
Read why half of new employees are regretting their decisions to accept job offers, and how hiring managers can change this growing trend.
Posted: 04 Jan, 2013, by Scott Erker, Ph.D.
Missing Out: Five Ways to Misuse Online Screening Tools - Part 4
The flexibility of online screening, if not carefully monitored and managed, can be an unrecognized source of legal risk in at least two ways.
Posted: 21 Sep, 2012, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
Missing Out: Five Ways to Misuse Online Screening Tools - Part 3
Problems can emerge when online screening criteria are based solely on conventional qualifications—job experience or industry knowledge.
Posted: 18 Sep, 2012, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
Missing Out: Five Ways to Misuse Online Screening Tools - Part 2
While online screening information can prioritize candidates, its low level of predictive accuracy precludes its use for decision making.
Posted: 12 Sep, 2012, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
Missing Out: Five Ways to Misuse Online Screening Tools - Part 1
For online screening to meet intended objectives—improve quality of hire and increase process efficiency—users must proceed with care.
Posted: 10 Sep, 2012, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
Scooby Don’t:  Lessons Learned from the Leadership Failures of Mystery Incorporated
This case study will examine some of the negative leadership behaviors exhibited by Mr. Jones and their impact on the employees and clients of Mystery Incorporated.
Posted: 14 Aug, 2012, by Bradford Thomas
What J.K. Rowling Can Do for Your Talent Management Analytics
Story-tellers in all arenas share common obstacles, but the use of these time-tested techniques can dramatically increase the impact and memorability of the finished work, particularly when applied to data-heavy and business topics that can otherwise appear dry and lifeless.
Posted: 08 Aug, 2011, by Evan Sinar, Ph.D.
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