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Don't Overlook Middle Management

A middle manager often falls into what we call the “doughnut hole.” In other words, we very often see companies focus all of their development efforts at the executive level and the frontline level. Meanwhile, the leaders in the middle are drowning.

It’s a big problem. Strong middle management is crucial to success. Directors, vice presidents, or general managers connect strategy at the top to execution at the frontline. More importantly, they drive your culture. And don’t forget: They’re the pool for tomorrow’s executives

At DDI, we can help you turn this overlooked group into a leadership powerhouse.

Develop Leaders Who Can Connect Strategy to Execution

Your executives might set company strategy and culture, but middle managers bring it to life. With DDI’s Business Impact Leadership® series, your leaders become experts in connecting business strategy to people strategy. From translating strategy into results to leading in a digital era, we help middle managers build the skills to take major strides forward in their careers.

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We’ve seen tremendous movement of participants throughout the organization. They’ve taken on roles of increasing responsibility and scope, so that’s been rewarding and tied in with our succession planning process.

— Dr. William Shepherd, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Huntington National Bank

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Immersive Experiences That Deliver Deep Insight

What’s the fastest way to see how middle managers will perform? Just let them do it—but in a safe environment.

DDI’s immersive simulations like Leader3 Ready® put leaders up against the common pressures of an advanced leadership role. So leaders don't have to predict how they would react to the situation; they show it. But the most important part? The deep data they get afterward.

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Get a 360° View 

Getting promoted to middle management means becoming a "leader of leaders." As a result, each leader's attitude, habits, preferences, and skills start to have a larger effect on others. And often, leaders don't realize how they're truly impacting others—for good or for bad.

With DDI’s Leadership Mirror®—a 360-degree feedback tool—you can help your middle managers gather critical feedback from the people around them. It's an eye-opening approach to help leaders perform at their best.

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