Driving Engagement and Culture Change at Gundersen Health System

Photo representing culture change happening in healthcare with doctor and nurse having a discussion over a clipboard as colleagues chat in the background

The Need

Needed to drive culture change, harnessing the energy and engagement of all 8,000 employees to create excellence

The Solution

Gundersen Health System took advantage of the flexibility of a DDI enterprise subscription to create custom experiences for its entire workforce

The Result

Measurable culture change, better leadership conversations, stronger relationships, and a common language to solve problems

Culture change is really about behaviors and how people interact with each other.

Janine Luz, Vice President, Learning

Gundersen Health System was excelling in driving things like equality, an excellent patient experience, and financial health. But to drive for even better excellence, they needed to fully engage the energy of all 8,000 employees.

That’s when they turned to DDI. Through its enterprise subscription with DDI, Gundersen used courses from DDI’s Interaction Management® program to train both their leaders and individual contributors to communicate better with each other.

The results? They’re building stronger relationships and having better conversations. And when a conflict comes up, they have the common tools and language to solve the problem. Most of all, they’re well on their way to seeing measurable progress toward culture change.

And at the end of the day, the culture and relationships driven by Gundersen’s leaders create a better health care experience for their patients and their families.