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Competency Management

Using Success Profiles to link your talent to your business

Our competencies are built for business impact

DDI's expertise in competency management extends beyond building competency models. Success Profiles and competencies can become the linchpin of your entire talent management system and support your employees’ lifecycle at every level. With the ability to align with your current business objectives, our competencies can be configured to meet future needs and be quickly reconfigured—system wide—in response to shifts in business focus.

Our pioneering competencies, based on more than four decades of research and experience, can help predict candidate performance (in new or expanded roles), serve as the basis for training and development, and manage performance and career succession—with consistency of meeting expectations and obtaining results.

Competency Management
Learn which competencies drive organizational growth and profit. [Research]


  • Differentiated by employee level. Our competency library allows you to select competencies appropriate to any specific job level (e.g., executive, leader, individual contributor). This enhances personal relevance for individuals and managers.
  • Business Focus. Our approach begins by identifying your strategic priorities—opening new global markets, boosting market share, driving innovation, etc.—then tightly linking competencies to those priorities. This process engages stakeholders and ensures a direct connection to the business.
  • Benchmarks. Our global database, comprised of businesses just like yours—within the same industry, with similar business challenges, cultural strategies, values, and workforce size—offers an excellent starting point from which to custom select your competencies.
  • Straightforward, Familiar Language. Our competencies are easy to understand and apply. Each has well-defined key actions that spell out the HOWs and provides points of measurement and direction for development.
  • Consulting and Training Capabilities. Our expert consultants, on the ground in major markets around the world, can conduct the competency modeling process for you or provide the advice and coaching enabling you to do it yourself.

DDI’s Solution

How do we select the right competencies and build accurate Success Profiles, illuminate their relevance for leaders, engage all employees, and seamlessly integrate them into the workplace? By using our four-step solution that delivers sustainable impact.

Competency ManagementCompetency Management_2

Step One: Start with a Plan

Through careful strategic planning, we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls that have kept many organizations from achieving the full desired impact of their talent initiatives. This includes important steps such as analyzing the unique needs of key stakeholders (including Senior Leaders, Employees, Managers, and Talent Management) to ensure they are being met, setting clear goals for the implementation, and developing methods of monitoring progress.

Step Two: Design

You tell us where you want to go and what your business goals are and we’ll show you how to formulate a complementary talent strategy. We work with you upfront to collect data, build competency models and validate them. Building holistic Success Profiles, not only combines the relevant competencies, but includes the experience, knowledge and personal attributes needed for success in the job which allows for greater specificity when targeting the perfect fit.

Step Three: Launch and Engage

Create excitement and leverage your Success Profiles as a foundation for integrated talent management. Why use competencies if employees don't see the relevance, understand the benefits, and aren’t motivated to practice and apply them? We’ll help you develop an impactful socialization/branding strategy to demystify and demonstrate how your profiles can be leveraged throughout the organization in support of an integrated talent management strategy.

Step Four: Optimize

Use them or lose them. Without accountability, monitoring, and on-going maintenance, even the best profiles will fail. With metrics in place that are linked to business outcomes, DDI can help you quickly detect skill gaps and adjust seamlessly to accommodate a change in strategy.

We have a competency management solution for you:

  • Success ProfilesSM is a comprehensive job analysis and competency modeling system that lets your organization quickly and accurately identify the competencies and motivations needed for successful job performance.
  • Success ProfilesSM: Card Sort process facilitates the creation of Success Profiles and equips individuals in your organization to facilitate the process efficiently and effectively.
  • Success Profiles: Navigator® automates the creation process of Success Profiles, enabling you to create and update accurate, legally defensible competency models quickly.
  • Success Profiles: FoundationsSM provides talent management professionals the necessary skills to implement and manage Success Profiles across your organizations.
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