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Performance Management Solutions

Building a high-performance culture through quality conversations

Rating scales? Check. Online forms? Completed. Installing a cloud-based system? Done. But have you fully realized the potential of your performance management process?

Research shows that 71 percent of organizations want to improve or reinvent their approach to performance management. But too many managers hide behind the software and focus on completing the review process instead of ongoing coaching conversations. Your performance management software is not going to fix your problem; it’s just going to make your problem go faster.

With DDI’s expert services and flexible development solutions, you can maximize your performance management strategy to ensure it’s relevant today and primed for the future.

Want to improve or reinvent your approach? DDI can help you:

  • Audit your current approach—Review the effectiveness of your current process with a Performance Management Audit and get specific recommendations to target improvement areas.
  • Develop essential skills—Provide meaningful and ongoing coaching, create development plans, and give just-in-time feedback.
  • Secure stakeholder support—Ensure your senior executives play their critical role to align performance management with business strategy and focus on the business results you need.
  • Align goals with organizational competencies—Draw on DDI’s proven, flexible, and comprehensive competency management solutions to integrate performance management with other talent systems.
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