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Global Leadership Forecast Survey

Hold the date for your opportunity to participate in the world’s largest leadership research study of its kind!

The ninth Global Leadership Forecast survey, in partnership with leading global industry analyst Josh Bersin, launches in February. The last study captured data from more than 2,500 HR executives and over 25,000 leaders worldwide that provided practical, evidence-based recommendations for critical business issues. Don’t get left out!

Why should I participate?

  • You can be the data hero of your organization! Your company can receive a FREE customized benchmark report, enabling you to measure your organization’s leadership practices against global, regional, and industry averages*. 
  • Get the global report first! Your participation will put you on the fast track to see the final global report, revealing top trends in leadership as well as a look at leaders’ readiness for the current business landscape.

What can I do now?

  • Sign up to be notified when the survey opens. (The survey will be open through April, but you need to leave time for your leaders to respond!)
  • Begin identifying leaders to receive the survey. We recommend sending to more leaders than you need to help you reach your benchmark report goal. (Don’t worry, we will walk you through this easy process of how to invite your leaders when you complete the HR survey.)
  • Hold time on the calendars of your more senior leaders to ensure you have leaders of all levels participating.
  • Let your leaders know the survey is coming in February and that their responses will help you understand their challenges and continue to create the right programs for their growth.
  • Talk with your DDI representative about how best to recruit your leaders and how you can work together to inform your leadership development programs. Don’t have a representative? Contact us at and we will get you a partner!

*To qualify, you must take the HR Survey and enlist leaders from your company to take the Leader Survey (50 leaders for organizations with 2,500+ employees and 30 leaders for organizations with <2,500 employees).

Talk to an Expert: Global Leadership Forecast 2021 Survey
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