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DDI Ushers in the Future of Corporate Learning with New Digital Leadership Acceleration Platform

New digital learning portal catapults leadership development into the future with on-demand insight tools, personalized learning and increased connectivity

ATLANTA (May 22, 2017)—DDI is bringing leadership development to your fingertips with the release of its new cloud-based digital leadership acceleration platform. The platform revolutionizes the corporate learning experience by providing a single online portal from which learners and trainers can access learning materials and tools anytime, anywhere, using any device.

The initial phase of the digital leadership acceleration platform is designed as an enhancement to DDI’s classroom-based leadership development programs, including its award-winning Interaction Management® and Business Impact Leadership® learning systems. Learners will use the platform to readily complete and track course materials and access a wide range of interactive tools that will help them reinforce and apply their learning on the job. For trainers, the platform will lighten the administrative burden by enabling them to easily organize, distribute and manage course materials and tools both before and after training.

“The digital leadership acceleration platform represents a significant next step in our efforts to bring learning ever closer to the job,” said Barry Stern, senior vice president, Accelerated Development Solutions, DDI. “We have been aggressively testing and refining the digital learning environment with our clients for quite some time and are encouraged by the strong positive market reaction to both the immediate and anticipated platform features and content.”

Future phases of the platform will integrate DDI’s world-renowned assessments into the learning experience, which will create personalized virtual learning journeys unprecedented in the learning and development industry. Based on the data gathered through the assessments, the future platform will deliver a set of development courses and learning tools that are tailored to help learners improve in the areas in which they need the most development and reinforce the skills that are most critical to their industry and job position.

"Today marks a pivotal day for the future of learning," said Tacy Byham, Ph.D., CEO of DDI. “As organizations strive to adapt to the fast-changing pace of business, our virtual leadership acceleration platform enables them to create a culture of learning that helps leaders quickly and efficiently gain new skills, just in time and just as they need them. The result will be a deeply effective learning experience that delivers a higher return on investment—both of time and money—than any other learning system on the market.”

As the new platform brings the courses and tools into the virtual world, trainers will also be able to use data gathered from the platform to enhance the in-person classroom experience. With the knowledge of each participant’s learning preferences, style and experience, facilitators will be able to deliver shorter, targeted sessions and strategically group participants who will be able to challenge and support one another’s growth.

“When I came into my role and began evaluating our partnership with DDI, I was concerned that the company’s approach was too traditional to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our leadership development function,” said Amy Powell, vice president, Global Leadership and Associate Development, ADP. “I have been thrilled to discover that DDI is on an innovation journey developing the technology and content approach to support mass personalization, and that they were flexible and insightful about partnering with me and the broader organization to help us deliver with ‘speed to need’ as we leverage the depth and breadth of their offerings and global presence.”

With decades of experience developing leaders, DDI’s digital acceleration platform will take advantage of the latest advances in technology to drive leadership insights and growth without losing sight of the personal-touch that is crucial for developing critical interpersonal skills. Additional features currently undergoing rigorous market testing and development include on-demand coaching, data visualization reporting tools, additional languages and many other features designed to personalize and deepen the learning experience.


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