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Executive Focus Coaching

Accelerate senior leader performance

DDI's Executive Focus Coaching is a highly personalized relationship that strengthens an executive’s performance through focused execution of organization, role, and individual career objectives. Executive Focus Coaching will help retain top-performing executives by addressing individual career aspirations and giving leaders:

  • Targeted support for overcoming performance issues.
  • Guidance for transitioning to more complex roles and challenging assignments.

Give your executives the plans needed to develop the right skills at the right time with:

  • A concrete execution plan for role and business priorities.
  • Clear development actions for improved performance.
  • Access to executive coaches with cross-industry experience worldwide.

DDI's Executive Focus Coaching approach

No matter the length or specific focus of the coaching engagement, DDI's services always involve the following results-driven activities:

  • Confirming stakeholder expectations of performance.
  • Establishing clear coaching objectives.
  • Analyzing job challenges.
  • Conducting candid self-assessment.
  • Identifying development priorities.
  • Targeting development resources.
  • Ensuring adequate focus on most strategic priorities.
  • Measuring success and ensuring improved performance through metrics and follow-up.

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