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Leadership Mirror®

An automated 360-degree feedback system

Leadership Mirror® is the market’s most flexible, web-based multi-rater feedback system. It enables you to implement standard or customized 360-degree surveys on populations large or small, and obtain a clear picture of individual (or group) strengths and development needs—all with easy-to-interpret reports.

With Leadership Mirror, you can:

  • Better evaluate competencies critical to successful performance.
  • Increase the validity and objectivity of the collected performance feedback.
  • Build individual buy-in and commitment to personal development.

The Leadership Mirror multirater feedback system offers your organization:

  • Options to conduct small or enterprise-wide assessments.
  • Surveys applicable to multiple leadership levels.
  • Access to DDI’s extensive competency libraries and surveys—and the ability to create or incorporate your own.
  • Collected perspectives and insights on performance that reinforce development plans and provide guidance to achieve growth objectives.

Targeted Feedback®Alternative Multirater Approach

With Leadership Mirror, organizations can choose between a traditional multirater feedback approach and DDI’s exclusive Targeted Feedback® approach. Targeted Feedback is a breakthrough alternative multisource approach designed to accelerate behavioral change. The approach energizes development by revealing an individual’s top three strengths and growth areas. The structure of Targeted Feedback focuses on action, not rating scales.

While Targeted Feedback is a simplified process to capture attention and focus results and development around a limited number of primary strengths and weaknesses, a traditional feedback approach should still be used when you require more detailed data on each competency and key action.

Backed by DDI's Full Service Technology Support

Your candidates, participants and administrators now have full access to DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, where they can solve, troubleshoot or submit their own support requests.

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