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Manager Ready®

Configurable management assessment that prepares frontline leaders faster

With DDI’s Manager Ready® frontline management assessment, you can observe your would-be leaders in real-world situations to evaluate their preparedness and diagnose existing skill gaps before they advance to the front lines. Manager Ready also allows you to assess the strengths and development needs of your current frontline leaders.

With Manager Ready, you can:

  • Improve your hiring and promotion decisions. With the aid of DDI-trained assessors, Manager Ready provides the same depth of insight as a traditional assessment center, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Design more effective development plans. Armed with in-depth insights, senior managers can target specific need-to-improve leadership skills for their frontline leaders.
  • Ensure global consistency. Available in multiple languages and culturally-appropriate versions, Manager Ready affords multinational corporations the opportunity to evaluate leaders around the world in an equitable fashion.
  • Scale the assessment to your leadership needs. Evaluate a handful of people for a single open position, thousands for a leadership development initiative, or a variety of options in between.

The Manager Ready video- and conversation-based leadership assessment offers:

  • Flexibility. Choose from a variety of individual and group feedback options and seven language versions.
  • Seamless integration with development. The competencies assessed by Manager Ready can be developed with DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development curriculum, which efficiently combines assessment and development to grow more effective leaders.

Backed by DDI's Full Service Technology Support

Your candidates, participants and administrators now have full access to DDI's new technology support portal, Service Ready, where they can solve, troubleshoot or submit their own support requests.

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