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Success Profiles

Success Profiles: FoundationsSM

Ask someone for a job analysis, and you may find what you really get is a job description. Or, the analysis will lack key information necessary to hire the right person and develop them efficiently. Because a good job analysis—or Success ProfileSM, as we call it—is the basis of many talent management systems, it’s imperative that the right information is captured and compiled the first time.

With Success Profiles: FoundationsSM, your novice job analysts learn how to design and plan a Success ProfilingSM process.  They’ll gain the skills necessary to identify the required competencies, personal attributes, knowledge, and experiences for a target job, role, or family of jobs, while understanding common legal requirements and avoiding common pitfalls.

Do You Face Any of These Issues?

  • Do you need to train internal associates to perform quality job analyses?
  • Are you struggling to get high-quality Success ProfilesSM to form the basis of your talent management systems?
  • Have you uncovered mistakes when it comes to aligning your job analysis process and its documentation with legal requirements?

Performance Objectives

Helps associates:

  • Plan and conduct job analyses while driving an in-depth understanding of appropriate data collection and confirmation methods.
  • Create high-quality, comprehensive, and accurate Success ProfilesSM.
  • Develop familiarity with competencies, tools, methodology, and report generation critical to a solid Success ProfilingSM or job analysis process.
  • Prepare to assume higher-level job analyst roles.

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