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Six Keys to Designing a Learning Journey for Leaders

Do you have a cookie-cutter approach to leadership development? Are you looking for ways to sustain learning and development efforts? You can reinvent and improve the way you develop leaders by transforming your training events into learning journeys. This article provides six keys to keep in mind when creating development experiences.

With a well-designed learning journey, benefits include:

  • Clear alignment between development solutions and an organization’s business strategies.
  • New perspectives, insights, and a common leadership language among the cohort of leaders learning together.
  • A thoughtful blend of formal and informal learning.
  • Sustained learning to build a culture of continuous learning.

Download the article Six Keys to Designing a Learning Journey for Leaders to find out how to transform your leaders.


Listen in on how to transform training events to learning journeys.

Learn how to extend learning and drive leadership engagement.

See how we can help you design learning journeys in our Product Guide.

Talk to an Expert: Six Keys to Designing a Learning Journey for Leaders
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