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Client Research Results

How a leadership development program has helped the financial data and software company stay competitive. [Research Results: Client]
Lendlease Building People Leadership Capability Globally
A globally consistent frontline leader program for more than 500 participants drives business performance at Lendlease. [Research Results: Client]
Epworth HealthCare
This client research studied the extent to which leaders changed behaviours and the organisational impact after the Learning Journey. [Research Results: Client]
Grocery Retailer
DDI designed a selection process featuring a customized, short-form (20-minute) version of its Customer Service Career Battery (CSCB). PDF
UFS Dispensaries
UFS partnered with DDI to develop a leadership development program aimed at increasing its internal leadership capability whilst supporting a change in culture. PDF
Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company
The wellness industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and as a result, this company has sought greater speed and flexibility and has raised the bar for their workforce to be the leading nutrition, health, and wellness company in the Middle East. PDF
This client research shows the financial impact of changes to NYP’s hiring process for nurses, including the competencies and interviewing. [Research Results: Client]
Southern Rural Water
Develop leadership skills to coach and develop others and to create a culture of trust and confidence. [Research Results: Client]
Tourism Australia
Since attending the Behaviours Imbedding Program, trainees are effectively displaying their behaviours 25 percent more often than before the training. PDF
Driving Health Care Patient Satisfaction through Talent Management Practices
Can health care organizations impact patient care? Read about the relationship between great leaders, leadership practices, and HCAHPS ratings. [Research Results: Impact Analysis]
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