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In 2010 Cummins South Pacific conducted a development needs analysis by surveying 628 of its employees across the business to identify and prioritise their learning and development needs. This survey focused on leadership and individual contributor competencies. The results revealed that the key focus areas for both groups were leadership development, customer service, adaptability, and learning, including skills related to seeking and receiving feedback. The Cummins branch needed a leadership development solution that covered these key areas whilst integrating the organisation’s message, including its vision and mission statements, core values, and code of conduct.


Cummins partnered with DDI to develop two leadership development programs: Operational Leadership (for first-level leaders) and Effective Interaction (for all customer-facing roles). In addition to Targeted Selection®, Strong Start®, and Taking the HEAT from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Performers (IM: ExP®) series, the core of the Operational Leadership program consisted of courses from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® (IM: EX®) series. The Effective Interaction program’s core consisted of courses from DDI’s IM: EX® and IM: ExP® series.


  • First-level leader trainees in the Operational Leadership program reported an impressive 140 percent increase in their displaying positive leadership behaviours because of the training. They feel confident that their newly learned skills and concepts will be important for their jobs.
  • Customer-facing leader trainees and their observers both reported more than a 40 percent increase in positive leadership behaviours because of the Effective Interaction program, with significant improvements related to feedback and listening.
  • For the Operational Leadership program, 90 percent of the first-level leaders agreed or strongly agreed that they are now personally motivated to apply the skills and concepts they learned, with almost 95 per cent saying that the training has increased their confidence in applying these skills and concepts at work.
  • 85 percent of customer-facing leaders from the Effective Interactions program agreed or strongly agreed that their confidence has improved and that they are motivated to apply the skills and concepts they learned in the training.
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