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With a presence on every continent across the globe, Holcim Ltd. is focused on meeting the needs of individual business markets while maintaining its global standards of excellence. The company recognized the need to empower its leaders to grow their local markets while keeping them fully integrated in the organization’s global network and culture. Such an initiative, Holcim believes, would enable them to continually set the highest standards of customer satisfaction in the industry.


Holcim partnered with DDI to design the Leading for Accelerated Performance and Growth (LEAP) program. Capable of being administered worldwide, this training was developed in part from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® series and provides leaders worldwide with the same opportunity to develop skills that will have a direct impact on their job performance as well as that of their direct reports. Together, DDI and Holcim created a tailored solution dedicated to maximizing leadership potential while maintaining global consistency.


A global study of more than 700 Holcim leaders in more than 20 locations found:

  • 67 percent more leaders practiced effective leadership behaviors after attending the LEAP program. Observers supported this, reporting a 44 percent increase in effective leadership skills.
  • There was a significant increase in effective leadership behaviors across all global regions in the study.
  • Increases in effective leadership were directly related to improvements in employee productivity, operational efficiency, employee engagement, teamwork, and overall business performance.
  • Leadership skills not only improved in areas identified as growth opportunities before training, but also in areas that were identified as strengths.
  • The skills and concepts taught in the LEAP program are applicable, not only across a wide variety of leadership roles at Holcim, but also across the globe.
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