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Huntington Bank


With more than 600 local branches, Huntington Bank’s 11,000 employees provide personal banking for individuals and families, small business banking, banking for middle market businesses and nonprofit organizations, and specialty financial services. The 2008 recession brought many challenges to the banking industry, and Huntington was not exempt from them. But after returning to profitability in 2010, Huntington became more focused on expanding its business and future growth. To execute this approach effectively, it needed a strategic plan and a strong group of leaders at all organizational levels. While it spent considerable attention and resources developing the skills of its executives and frontline leaders, the organization also needed a way to strengthen its mid-level leadership.


Huntington recognized that the skills needed for mid-level leaders to be successful were markedly different from those of frontline leaders or executives. Through survey analyses and focus groups, a clear model of the skills and abilities that its mid-level leaders would require was created. The organization partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI) to design a leadership development program that would provide Huntington’s mid-level leaders with the skills and resources they would need to drive the new business strategy.


A research study of Huntington leaders who participated in the leadership development program showed:

  • The number of leaders who frequently and consistently engaged in effective leadership behaviors on the job increased by 55 percent.
  • Both leaders and individuals they work closely with (their managers, direct reports, and colleagues) rated their personal performance as more effective as a result of the leaders attending the program.
  • Leaders and individuals they work closely with reported improvements in employee productivity, engagement, adaptability, individual development, and communication within and across teams.
  • Less than a year after completing the program, leaders attributed financial gains ranging between $25,000 and $600,000 related to risk management, cross-selling, and colleague retention to the knowledge and skills they gained in the program.
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