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With five campuses staffed by more than 20,000 people, NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) annually treats over a million patients in metropolitan New York, earning $3.5 billion in revenue. It has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive university hospitals in the world, employing the leading specialists in every medical field. Because of its dedication to continually improve the patients experience, as it is part of the very competitive health care industry, NYP recognized the importance of hiring and retaining the best caregivers.

As a result, NYP sought to design a selection system that would identify and enable the retention of its top-tier talent. It partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI) to create Success ProfilesSM for five key positions that defined the clinical knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal attributes essential for job success. NYP wanted to first focus on the nurses because of their direct impact on the patient experience. With more than 200,000 nursing applications received annually, the organization needed a selection system that could quickly and efficiently identify the right talent while providing a professional, courteous experience for every applicant.


To create a selection process for nurses, NYP first defined the clinical skills as well as the motivation that its top-tier nurses possess. Along with this career profile, NYP incorporated into its hiring process DDI’s Nurse Career Battery (NCB) pre-employment test and Targeted Selection® (TS) interviewing process. The hospital also worked with DDI to design a comprehensive measurement strategy to ensure these new hiring tools were having a positive impact on its business.


A measurement strategy leveraging three different studies revealed:

  • Applicants scoring in the top 25 percent of the new hiring test were almost twice as likely to be above-average performers on the job compared to those scoring in the bottom 25 percent.
  • By introducing an effective interviewer training, hiring managers felt confident and prepared to conduct a high-quality interview with job candidates.  Moreover, the training helped solidify a consistent, company-wide approach to hiring.
  • Compared to the previous selection system, the improved system was more than three times better at hiring individuals with good leadership potential and more than four times better at hiring individuals who are more likely to stay with the organization.
  • An estimated $40,000 was saved due to the decrease in the number of applicants interviewed and amount of hiring manager time needed to conduct interviews.
  • The number of weeks it takes to fill nurse positions was reduced, resulting in an estimated savings of nearly $1.4 million in overtime that would have otherwise been paid to cover vacancies.
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