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Southern Rural Water


Southern Rural Water (SRW) needed a program that would give its supervisors and managers the necessary leadership skills to coach and develop others and to create a culture of trust and confidence.


SRW partnered with DDI to develop a leadership development program aimed at establishing a solid foundation of leadership capability and creating a strong culture of accountability. Key stakeholders have described SRW’s key strategic business priorities as transforming assets and service, strengthening the business, and improving water management. To achieve this, the organisation needed competent leaders who could drive accountability and alignment to achieve improved productivity and performance whilst enhancing the engagement and satisfaction of its workforce. In June 2012 SRW’s senior leaders participated in a 360-degree survey to uncover capability gaps, the results of which validated its leadership development needs. According to the results, the top opportunities for development for leaders included creating accountability, clarifying performance, sharing responsibility, and removing barriers and resistance. Behaviours observed at the senior leadership levels were reflective of the leadership challenges and performance gaps observed down the line. The core of the Leadership Performance & Coaching Program (LPCP) was selected to respond to the needs identified and consisted of modules from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® (IM: EX®) series.


  • Trainees reported an 86 per cent overall increase in the number of leaders engaging in positive leadership behaviours since attending the Leadership Performance & Coaching Program (LPCP). Observers reported a 42 per cent increase, with significant improvements related to essential leadership skills and coaching for success.
  • Over three-quarters (76 per cent) of trainees agreed that completing the LPCP made them personally motivated to apply the skills they learned and increased their confidence in applying them at work.
  • Many more leaders (85 per cent) believe that the skills and concepts they learned are important for how they work, with more than two-thirds (65 per cent) saying that since the training they have had opportunities to apply their new skills in their jobs.
  • Trainees received the support they needed from their managers and the organisation to reinforce their learning at their workplace.
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