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University of North Carolina Health Care


University of North Carolina Health Care (UNC HC) treats approximately 800,000 patients annually and understands the importance of exceptional service in a highly competitive talent market. UNC HC needed a selection program that would not only improve the quality of its hiring decisions, but also enhance job candidates’ positive perceptions of the organization. With numerous locations and an ever-growing workforce, UNC HC recognized the value of implementing a programmatic hiring process that could be customized to meet its needs and be applied organization-wide.


UNC HC found the perfect partner in Development Dimensions International (DDI), which helped implement a hiring program that provides the organization’s recruiters and hiring managers with the resources and skills they need to identify, recruit, and retain top talent. UNC HC collaborated with DDI to create the Hiring for Excellence (HfE) program, which identifies candidates with the necessary amount of experience, knowledge, and motivation to succeed. Furthermore, the program was designed to promote the professionalism and reputation of UNC HC to job candidates in order to recruit and hire the most sought-after individuals. With DDI’s help, the organization was able to equip its recruiters and hiring managers with confidence and the ability to consistently identify, recruit, and retain top talent using the HfE program.


A survey of UNC HC employees revealed:

  • New hires preferred the UNC HC interviewing process over other organizations’ interviewing processes.
  • More than 80 percent of hiring managers felt that the interviewer skills provided in the training were useful and prepared them for conducting effective interviews.
  • Compared to the previous interviewing process, hiring managers indicated a 55 percent improvement in their ability to justify their job candidate evaluations using the HfE process.
  • After the HfE program was implemented, hiring managers reported a 13 percent increase in the number of good hiring decisions made and a 93 percent overall increase in the quality of new hires.
  • After examining costs related to reduced turnover after the HfE program was implemented, UNC HC estimated a cost savings of more than $3 million.
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