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Avnet Electronics Marketing Services (EM) Asia


Knowing that the Asia-Pacific region is poised for imminent growth, Avnet EM Asia needed to build a strong pipeline of leaders who could drive a high-performing culture to spark and sustain growth for the region. Most critical was the group of frontline leaders who lead teams of individual contributors, particularly in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. More than just training courses, Avnet EM Asia was looking for a sustainable program marked by senior management support, and a focus on delivering measurable performance improvements. They also needed a partner who could deliver in multiple languages and build in-house training capability.


The Front Line Leadership (FLL) Program is a three-part series incorporating six courses from DDI’s Interaction Management® system, designed to build critical leadership skills in coaching and managing performance. The FLL was delivered in English as well as simplified and traditional Chinese across 6-12 months, allowing time for participants to practice and apply their newly acquired skills on the job. DDI’s intensive Facilitation Skills Workshop allowed for a full transfer of knowledge and learning to Avnet EM Asia’s in-house facilitators.  To date, more than 300 leaders have completed the program delivered by more than 20 certified facilitators across Asia-Pacific.


Business heads have embraced their role of “managers as teachers” to help build a stronger pipeline of leaders. DDI also conducted a Training CheckpointSM evaluation study to measure the impact of the FLL Program. Quantitative and qualitative results show significant improvements in leadership behavior and organizational outcomes such as increased openness in communication, trust in leadership, and internal/external satisfaction.

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