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Having grown in recent years through both organic growth and acquisition, BCD Travel is now a global $14 billion company operating in more than 90 countries. With this growth has come greater complexity and also the challenge of building and maintaining a common culture across locations. In addition, accompanying BCD Travel’s growth was a realization by senior leadership that the organization needed to better develop its leadership capability.

BCD Travel needed to lay the groundwork for an organizational culture that would be consistent across locations and reinforced through a common leadership language and a unified approach to development.


Toward accomplishing this goal, BCD Travel launched a company-wide leadership development program called LEAD. The LEAD acronym stands for Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Development. The program includes a curriculum of courses from DDI’s Interaction Management: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® leadership development system.

Initially, the LEAD program was rolled out and delivered in the U.S.; however, given the organization’s growing global footprint, the program is being implemented on a global basis, including in Bangalore, India, where the company operates a multinational service center (MSC).

The India rollout of the LEAD program was part of a larger international effort that also included introducing the program in Europe and in Singapore. Still, implementing the program in Bangalore required providing more time for discussion and for incorporating additional exercises to promote skill acquisition and practice.


  • Having implemented the LEAD program in India, BCD Travel has trained more than 100 frontline leaders.
  • Since implementation of the program, leaders in India are rated more favorably in employee surveys.
  • Leaders across the organization are speaking a common leadership language and working with a common set of expectations.
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