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Brookdale owns and operates 649 senior living communities in the U.S. For each community to run smoothly and effectively, Brookdale needs an engaged and high-performing workforce. This is particularly true of its community leadership roles, including the executive director, health and wellness director, and sales manager positions.  To achieve greater success with its hiring practices, Brookdale determined it needed to revamp its approach to interviewing—not just for the community leadership positions, but for its entire workforce.


Toward standardizing its interviewing process, in 2012 Brookdale’s Talent Solutions team launched a three-year implementation of DDI’s Targeted Selection® behavioral interviewing system.

In the initial phase of the Targeted Selection® implementation, Brookdale used DDI’s Success ProfilesSM Card Sort methodology to cluster all jobs within the organization into five job families, and identify the combination of competencies, motivation, knowledge, and experience that predicts job success.

Next, the 200 regional and division leaders who interview executive director candidates were trained in Targeted Selection. The training was later expanded to include those who interview for health and wellness directors, and sales managers for each community. When the initial implementation is complete in 2014, all of Brookdale’s hiring managers will be trained.


  • The Targeted Selection implementation has contributed to an estimated $3.7 million reduction in annual turnover costs for three key community management positions.
  • Brookdale estimates that it is realizing at least a 300 percent return on investment from the Targeted Selection implementation.
  • A six-month survey showed that 75 percent agreed or strongly agreed the Targeted Selection interview process is better at identifying candidates who will live the “Brookdale culture” as described in the Mission and Cornerstones compared to the previous process.
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