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BSH needed to develop senior leaders with the strategic vision and ability to achieve global business objectives. To do so, the company sought to revamp its existing development program and implement an innovative and comprehensive one to engage the business in a more holistic way, derive measures, and evaluate progress.


BSH partnered with DDI to implement a three-year assessment and development program for BSH’s executive talent. The program incorporates an Executive Development Review, which includes a half-day behavioral assessment to gather data on each individual executive. This “day-in-the-life” simulation was designed in alignment with BSH’s specific leader requirements (as identified by DDI’s “Business Driver” approach) to evaluate development opportunities. The assessment data is used as the basis for specific learning goals and concrete development plans. In addition, together, BSH HR and DDI also conducted a formal strategic review that is delivered to the BSH Board of Management. Summaries of each person’s assessment, along with the agreed-upon learning and development goals accompany the presentation.

Since 2008, nearly 50 managers, across a whole range of disciplines and functions including subsidiary board members, heads of factory production, and headquarter department leaders, have gone through the program.


  • During the first three years of the program, 55 percent of the participants were promoted. To date, nearly 70 percent of the 2008 candidate pool has received promotions.
  • High-potential participants are chosen for the program through a systematic process, and learning goals are defined through high-quality assessment data and approved by the Board.
  • The program has helped both senior leaders and line managers become more directly involved with a talent development strategy that is more aligned with the company’s global business goals.
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