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Capital Power needed to transform its culture from that of a public utility (it was spun off from EPCOR Utilities in 2009) into one that was more entrepreneurial and better aligned with its strategy to tap into the North American power generation business. To set this transformation in motion, Capital Power recognized it needed to develop multiple leadership levels.


For emerging and new leaders, the HR team, in partnership with DDI, created the iLead Boot Camp, a two-day program featuring four courses: an introductory course called Your Leadership Journey, and three courses from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders (IM: ExLSM) series: Communicating for Leadership Success, Building and Sustaining Trust, and Driving Change.

For supervisors and managers who are already in their roles and need further development to do their jobs more effectively, a separate program was created, named iLead Core. The four-day program includes a six-course curriculum, including a course on how to lead those with different personality types, and five IM: ExLSM courses.

Responding to the need for a program for leaders at higher organizational levels, the HR team developed iLead Evolve for senior managers. The iLead Evolve curriculum includes six courses from DDI’s Business Impact Leadership® Mid-Level Leader series: Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Making Change Happen, Cultivating Networks and Partnerships, Influencing for Organizational Impact, Developing Organizational Talent, and Handling Challenging Situations with Courage.

The iLead programs also receive strong executive support. Either the CEO or another member of the executive team kicks off and closes each session, providing a visible reinforcement for how important the programs are to the organization.


  • After training, 77 percent of participants rated themselves high in the skills and knowledge imparted in the iLead program—a 1,100 percent increase over the 7 percent who rated their skills and knowledge high prior to the training.
  • 99 percent of participants rated the iLead program high in perceived value.
  • Feedback from participants indicates that the concepts and skills developed in the programs are being applied on the job and are improving leader performance.
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