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How CI Financial Supports Women Leaders


More women in leadership positions and fewer barriers to develop women leaders to advance their careers within CI Financial.


A mentoring program for women leaders supported by a curriculum of modules from DDI’s Women In Leadership program.


An increase in the number of women promoted to higher-level leadership positions. Additionally, silos are breaking down, and there are noticeable increases in collaboration and innovation to solve real business problems.

“It’s not just about developing themselves and developing each other. From a business perspective it also gives them personal challenges, but then it also helps us to think about how we grow CI as an organization.”

Lorraine Blair, Chief Talent Officer, CI Financial

At CI Financial, a global wealth management organization, as is many financial services organizations, women leaders were underrepresented in the leadership ranks. And those women who were in leadership roles needed support in order to be positioned for promotions.

To address the needs of these women leaders, CI Financial launched a formal mentoring program in which more experienced women leaders in the organization worked directly with those just beginning their leadership journeys. To further create a culture of support for women leaders, the organization also introduced a curriculum of modules from DDI’s Women in Leadership program.

In this video, Lorraine Blair describes the challenges facing women leaders within CI Financial and the successful initiatives the organization put in place to help them advance their careers.

Learn how DDI can help unleash the potential of women leaders.

Talk to an Expert: How CI Financial Supports Women Leaders
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