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Empire Southwest


Empire Southwest is one of the world’s largest Caterpillar dealerships, with 25 locations across Arizona, serving the entire state as well as parts of California and northern Mexico. Propelled by Arizona’s booming economy, as well as a dedication to client service and community involvement, Empire has grown to more than 1,600 employees. With that growth came the need to take a more comprehensive approach to developing Empire’s leaders. The need for improved leader capability went hand-in-hand with a larger culture change characterized by a more partnering-focused approach to serving clients.


To help support this new culture, as well as to give its 250 leaders the full range of skills they needed to be effective, Empire launched BE THE BEST—Leadership Development. The initiative, which features courses from DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development system, has three separate levels: one for potential leaders, one for those who have been leaders for less than two years, and one for those with two or more years of leadership experience.


  • Average scores of leaders who have completed the program show a substantial improvement on five key competencies: Business Acumen, Business Communications, Project Management, People Management, and Coaching.
  • Feedback from leaders shows that they are employing the skills developed and are more effective coaching and developing their teams.
  • Empire moved to the top quintile in Caterpillar’s Dealer Excellence rankings and has climbed as high as 5th among 53 dealers in North America.
  • Empire’s Client Loyalty Score (Net Promoter Score) has increased by 10 points.
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