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Fifth Third Bank


Fifth Third recognized that it needed a strategic approach to developing the organization’s 4,500 leaders. Such an approach would represent a break from past efforts that lacked strategic alignment across levels, a focus on leadership competencies, and enterprise-wide consistency.


Fifth Third partnered with DDI to create a comprehensive, four-level leadership development architecture aimed at building the skills of all the organization’s leaders—an initiative that was fully aligned with Fifth Third’s larger strategic talent framework.

This architecture is made up of four development paths that mirror the career paths of the individual leaders: Emerging Leaders, Frontline Leaders, Operational Leaders, and Strategic Leaders (the top-level executives in the company). The paths include courses from DDI’s Interaction Management®: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® and Business Impact Leadership® leadership development systems.

Each path is designed to reinforce the organization’s core values and leadership competencies, and incorporates introductory learning, a core curriculum that develops skills needed for success at that leadership level, and an on-the-job and experiential component that includes online coaching through access to DDI’s OPAL® online performance and learning tool, as well as job rotations, projects, and mentoring.


  • Executives acknowledge the importance of their own development.
  • 99 percent of leaders said that the concepts covered in training are important for their jobs.
  • 92 percent of leaders displayed effective leadership behaviors after the training.
  • 94 percent of leaders indicated that they were personally motivated to apply their learned skills and concepts back on the job.
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