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Mathis Brothers Furnishes Its Leaders with Customer Focus


In 2010 Mathis Brothers began providing its 2,000 employees with a customized version of DDI’s Service Plus® customer-service training course. In 2014, the company decided to expand its customer satisfaction focus to make its leaders more effective by launching the Mathis Brothers Leadership Journey.


Participants take eight half-day classes from DDI’s Interaction Management® leadership development system over the course of a year—one a month for the first two months, then a lunch-and-learn the following month to discuss how they’ve utilized their skills, then two more classes and a lunch-and-learn, and so on. Also included in the learning journey are knowledge checks and Development Accelerators, activities and tools deployed before, during, and after formal training to enhance the skills learned in the Interaction Management courses and guide practical on-the-job application.


  • Sales numbers have improved, in part because of the training.
  • Achieved and maintained a 95 percent customer-satisfaction rating. Greater leadership capability has positioned the organization to further improve customer satisfaction.
  • Employee engagement scores have improved 10 percent since the launch of the leadership development program.
  • Participants are using the skills they have developed to create online dialogue that turns dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers.
Talk to an Expert: Mathis Brothers Furnishes Its Leaders with Customer Focus
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