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To help fuel its global growth plans, Moen recognized that it needed supervisors who can inspire and motivate people, and drive performance. In addition, Moen tracks employee engagement as measured by an annual survey. Engagement survey results pointed to an opportunity for frontline supervisors to further develop their leadership skills.


Moen partnered with DDI to design and implement a development program, called FrontLine Leadership, for supervisors at multiple facilities. The program featured 10 courses from DDI’s Interaction Management: Exceptional Leaders . . . Extraordinary Results® leadership development system. The courses, which were facilitated by Moen’s internal OD staff, not only gave the supervisors the skills they needed to be successful and provided opportunities for them to practice the skills in a safe, supportive environment, but they also introduced them to discussion planners and other useful tools they could refer back to and use as they went about performing their jobs on an ongoing basis.

The delivery of the courses was spaced out over a 20-month period so that leaders would have a month or more to apply what they had learned, and incorporate their new skills and tools into their roles prior to going through the next course in the curriculum.

In addition, to ensure that the supervisors got the support they needed, managers received a preview of the courses so they would know what skills the supervisors reporting to them would be developing and expected to apply on the job. Once the supervisors completed a class, they were required to meet with their managers to create an action plan for how they would apply their new skills.

The skills imparted in the training were linked to Moen’s performance management system with objectives and measures to drive accountability. Participants also took part in post-training monthly roundtable discussions on topics related directly to the course content.


  • 17-percentage-point average improvement in the number of positive responses to five critical questions on Moen’s annual employee engagement survey.
  • Supervisors who have gone through the program report better relationships with their direct reports, more confidence, and improved ability to manage conflict.
  • Managers indicate that the supervisors reporting to them now demonstrate improved coaching and communication skills.
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