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Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC)


OCSC designed the High Potential Performance System (HiPPS) program to prepare and develop civil servants to become the nation’s next generation of senior officials. By 2003, the program had focused primarily on selection and career growth and acceleration. OCSC needed an expert partner to start and help design the training and development component.


Together with DDI, OCSC reviewed the leadership competency model and the roles and requirements not just of the HiPPS individuals, but also of the immediate managers responsible for coaching them and ensuring the successful completion of their performance and development plans. Feedback was also gathered through regular meetings and discussions with key stakeholders. After gathering and reviewing the data, OCSC implemented a curriculum of DDI’s leadership development courses.


By early 2009, more than 200 high-potential individuals from 78 departments had joined the HiPPS program. Positive feedback and development experiences have led to the expansion of the HiPPs program. For the remainder of 2009, OCSC is anticipating approximately 100 new officials to join the HiPPS program.

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