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After thorough data-gathering and benchmarking, Technip Malaysia felt the need to embark on a change initiative to enable the organization to improve and guide career development. To remain relevant and adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace, there was also a need to improve retention rates and win the war for talent in a highly competitive industry.


With the support and commitment of top management, Technip Malaysia together with DDI set up a comprehensive talent management program which included: competency profiling for up to 31 unique positions; interviewer training for hiring managers as well as for the executive committee; and a leadership development curriculum which focused on building interpersonal skills needed to empower, engage, and retain their teams.


Employee turnover dropped from 18 percent in 2006 to 5 percent in 2008. The development of a competency framework has resulted in better-defined career tracks, more accurate performance management, and greater clarity around development.

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