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Texas Children's Hospital


In 2003, Texas Children’s Hospital was planning on $1.5 billion growth initiative. To meet the aggressive goals, senior leadership realized that they needed top-quality leadership in place. But there was no common definition of leadership excellence, and HR systems such as selection, performance management, and leadership development had to be aligned.


DDI helped Texas Children’s formalize six guiding principles on which they built the rest of their HR systems. DDI partnered with them to execute job analysis, employee engagement surveys, performance management, behavior-based interviewing, leadership development at all levels, and customer service training.


“Leadership” used to consistently be among the top three reasons cited for departure during exit interviews. It dropped off the list two years ago. Turnover decreased 6 percent, and Texas Children’s 2007 employee engagement survey scores rank in the top one percent of health care organizations nationwide. Says the CEO of plans to continue growing: “We have inspired a culture of leadership at all levels of the organization that positions us quite favorably for 2010 and beyond.”

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