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A leading third-party credit card transaction processor, TSYS claims some of the world’s largest financial services companies and retailers among its 300 clients. In 2003 and 2004, as TSYS became more embedded in its client organizations and as the needs of those clients grew more complex, TSYS’ clients wanted more guidance. They looked to TSYS as an expert partner versus delivering only what was requested. In addition, internal employee surveys also revealed that TSYS’ people felt they lacked the skills to be more consultative to clients.


TSYS launched a strategic-level solution called Solutions 5. A major component of the Solutions 5 initiative is a focus on building a consultative mindset among TSYS’ people, especially those in client-facing roles. Toward building this consultative mindset, TSYS’ leadership, working in partnership with its Learning and Development group, determined that TSYS’ people needed industry and client knowledge, and also knowledge about TSYS and its systems.

TSYS partnered with DDI to design and implement a curriculum of courses to nurture critical behavioral skills and demonstrate to team members how they might use this knowledge in a consultative way. DDI’s Customized Learning Solutions (CLS) team created, customized, or tailored every course in the curriculum, incorporating specific business issues and examples that are applicable to TSYS’ leaders and team members. The CLS team also incorporated into the course materials TSYS-specific terminology, including terms that link to Solutions 5, as well as TSYS’ logo and other brand elements.

In addition to delivering the courses at its headquarters facility in Columbus, Ga., TSYS has conducted the training at its various facilities in the United States, as well as in Canada and Cyprus. To date, nearly 3,700 people have gone through the training since it was first rolled out in 2006.

To reinforce skill application after training, TSYS relies on OPAL®, DDI’s Online Performance and Learning system. OPAL® is a powerful e-learning tool that provides just-in-time coaching, expert guidance, and access to hundreds of job aids, action planners, discussion guides, and other tools. Learners are introduced to OPAL during the Foundations of Interaction course and are assigned exercises in the various courses for which they must use the system.


  • When surveyed, team members reported a 17-percentage point improvement in their consultative skills.
  • Managers observing team members’ job performance reported a 12-percentage point improvement in the team members’ consultative skills.
  • Training-related scores on a 2008 employee survey rose 11 percent when compared to survey results from two years earlier.
  • Feedback from clients and senior executives confirms that TSYS leaders and team members are viewed as more consultative.
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