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Bringing the Key Principles to Life

Hear John Verdone bring DDI's Key Principles to life in this presentation from DDI LeaderCon 2018.
  1. Maintain or enhance self-esteem
  2. Listen and respond with empathy
  3. Ask for help and encourage involvement
  4. Share thoughts, feelings, and rationale (to build trust)
  5. Provide support without removing responsibility (to build ownership)

DDI's Key Principles are the foundational elements of many of our learning and development programs and have critical implications for the levels of engagement, motivation, productivity, and effectiveness with which work is carried out.

John Verdone, DDI's Manager of Global Facilitation Excellence, travels around the world training good facilitators to be great facilitators. In this presentation from DDI LeaderCon 2018, he brings the Key Principles to life as he shares stories of how, when applied effectively, they create an environment of trust, respect, and inclusion - both professionally and personally.

Talk to an Expert: Bringing the Key Principles to Life
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