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Future Proof Leadership

How will we define successful leadership in the future? What critical challenges will our leaders face? How will we develop leaders now and in the future?

The most honest prediction for the future of leadership may well be a blank piece of paper.

There are so many trends, uncertainties and surprises in the current business environment that forecasting the future can seem obsolete. One thing that most visionaries agree on is the increasing importance of leadership to guid­e our organisations in an uncertain future.

The volatile environment will require leaders to be a facilitator for decision making and a catalyst for creativity and innovation. At the same time, leaders will be asked to act as a moral compass for the organisation and to guide others to find purpose and meaning in their work. More than ever there is a need for organisations to find and grow leaders that have the right skills to face the challenges of the future environment.

Our resident leadership expert, Michael Rafferty will engage you in this webinar by:

  • Considering the future business environment for leaders
  • Uncovering the skills that will drive leadership success in the future
  • Discussing the implications for organisational learning and leadership development
  • Sharing stories of how to prepare leaders for a future that has already arrived

Presented by:

Michael Rafferty, General Manager

Talk to an Expert: Future Proof Leadership
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