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Millennials—Ready or Not, Here They Come. The Realities of Next Gen Leadership

This virtual keynote—perfect for Millennial leaders and anyone with a stake in their future success—will explore important questions as this unique generation becomes leaders.

Delivering this virtual keynote are two lead authors of an important new study of more than 2,800 leaders from 14 leading corporations that compared Millennial leaders to leaders from older generations and CEOs—research that produced several surprise findings.

They will discuss topics such as:

  • How are Millennials alike, and different from, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.
  • Will Millennials have the skills to be effective in senior leader and executive roles—especially the C-suite.
  • How do Millennial leaders see themselves and in turn, how non-Millennial leaders and CEOs see them.
  • What experiences shape their motivation and competence to lead.
  • What are companies doing to prepare their next generation of senior leaders.


  • Rebecca L. Ray, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, The Conference Board
  • Rich Wellins, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate and former SVP, DDI
Talk to an Expert: Millennials—Ready or Not, Here They Come. The Realities of Next Gen Leadership
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