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The Lost Promise of Potential

The current state of high-potential programs and common pitfalls.

The nature of work has changed and mounting business pressures have made it risky to rely on a small set of high potential players to push your organization forward. Not only are many of these "HiPo" leaders facing unsustainable levels of stress and burnout, but organizations are ignoring their largest source of leadership potential, which is spread out and hidden among their broader workforce not identified as HiPos. 

Realizing the promise of leadership potential requires far more than picking and choosing people who meet a precise profile. 

This webinar will explore: 

  • The current state of high-potential programs and common pitfalls.
  • How the new leadership context is driving the need for a new approach to unlocking leadership potential.
  • How to broaden your focus of leadership potential.

Talk to an Expert: The Lost Promise of Potential
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