Develop Core Leadership Skills

480 Minutes That Count

Every day, leaders have eight hours to make a difference. But it’s often what they do in the 480 minutes that counts.

These small moments define leadership. A quick comment from a leader can empower or demotivate. In a conversation, they can show empathy, or create stress. Their reaction to an employee’s mistake can become a coaching moment or can derail the whole project.

What’s the difference? Leadership skills. Based on 50 years of science and experience, we created our Core 480 program to help leaders build essential leadership skills.

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How DDI Leadership Development Improves Core Leadership Skills


of managers, peers, and direct reports cite higher frequency of positive leadership behaviors after leaders complete DDI training

DDI, PROOF, 2017


of leaders effectively coach others for success after DDI training

DDI, PROOF, 2017


of leaders are effective in communicating with impact after DDI training

DDI, PROOF, 2017
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Core Leadership Skills Every Manager Needs

Throughout their careers, your leaders will need to excel in two key things: communication and coaching. So we designed our Core 480 program to build those two skills. And we do it better than anyone else.

Our communication course will teach your leaders DDI’s time-tested Key Principles. These powerful principles will guide leaders’ interactions with others throughout their lives.

DDI’s coaching course helps your leaders become exceptional coaches. They’ll learn to adopt a growth mindset, and empower their leaders for peak performance.

If you can do nothing else to develop your leaders, start with DDI’s Core 480 program.

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Engage Leaders with Microlearning

Learning shouldn’t be one-and-done. DDI’s Core 480 program includes a powerful digital experience that helps sustain learning.

Through DDI’s Pinpoint platform, your leaders get online tools to practice and apply their skills for the future. They also get short microcourses to dive deeper into related topics, such as preparing for difficult conversations. Even more important? They get self-assessment tools to help them quickly understand their strengths and gaps, so they know where to focus.

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Choose Virtual or Traditional Classroom

It’s up to you how to deliver your program. For some clients, an in-person classroom experience fits well into onboarding programs for new managers. Or they use the program as a foundation for a new organizational culture.

If your leaders work remotely or in different locations, we offer a full virtual classroom experience. Just like in an in-person classroom, an instructor guides your leaders and engages them in discussions and breakout activities. And they have ample opportunity to connect with one another, building a sense of camaraderie.

And if you don’t have a group going through at one time? Leaders can explore the web-based training version on their own schedule.

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