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Drive a High Performance Culture

A high-performing leader builds a high-performance culture.

What is a high performance culture? Imagine a workplace where everyone is focused on business growth with high standards for excellence and integrity. A strong organizational culture requires a solid foundation. When companies have a common leadership language in place, leaders at all levels are aligned and equipped with the essential skills to engage teams and drive excellence.  

With DDI by your side, you can develop high-performing leaders based on a common leadership language of:

  • Empathy and authenticity
  • Connection and engagement
  • Listening and feedback
  • Coaching for success

How do you start creating a high performance culture? DDI's proven leadership development solutions build the core skills every high-performing leader needs.

High Performance Results from Our Clients


average increase in customer satisfaction ratings


average increase in productivity


average decrease in production time

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The Leadership Essentials for High-Performance

A high-performing leader needs to communicate effectively and coach their team to deliver results. That's why we designed our Core 480: Leadership Essentials program. With only 480 minutes in each workday, leaders need skills to be successful in their everyday interactions. 

This program is anchored on DDI’s time-tested Key Principles. These powerful principles will guide leaders’ interactions with others throughout their lives and helps your leaders become exceptional coaches. 

With the Core 480 program, your leaders will have a common understanding of what's required of them as leaders. This creates a leadership language that impacts your company's culture. And yes, it will impact business performance too. 

Download overview of Core 480

A Learning Journey to High Performance

Engage and develop high-performing leaders with a powerful blended learning journey. DDI's Core 480: Leadership Essentials program is designed for a cohort of managers and includes:

  • A self-assessment to reflect on strengths and gaps 
  • A high-impact workshop delivered in-person or in a virtual classroom
  • Microlearning to boost skills
  • On-demand tools to sustain and reinforce learning

The result? High-performing leaders who can deliver results through their teams and drive a culture of excellence.

Need leaders who can drive high performance?