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Astute Leaders
Focus on Customers

The Science of Selecting
High-Performing Leaders

This finding from The Science of Selecting High-Performing Leaders discusses how DDI assessments identify leaders who prioritize customer needs.
Astute Leaders Focus on Customers

Astute Leaders:

Create a unifying passion for customer primacy. High scorers were 2.3 times more likely to make the voice of the customer a guiding force for priorities, decisions, and activities.

Establish a culture of service excellence. High scorers were 2 times more likely to build a sustainable culture of exemplary customer service.

Outperform peers in customer satisfaction scores. 85 percent of leaders saw a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels as a result of implementing DDI’s interviewing program vs. 27 percent when other selection processes were used.

Boost team productivity. Business units managed by high assessment scorers showed a jump of 9 percent in store-level productivity one year after the assessment vs. a 5 percent increase for those managed by lower-scoring candidates.

Customer relationship management is a top CEO challenge, according to research conducted by The Conference Board, third-ranked behind human capital and innovation. Yet, a study co-authored by DDI and The Conference Board found that only 45 percent of leaders consider themselves very prepared to meet this relationship challenge. Regardless of whether leaders directly or indirectly interact with customers, they must make customer focus imperative for every employee action, decision, and consideration.

This ensures that organizations have the opportunity to hire and promote candidates who will direct workplace operations with the voice of the customer in mind.

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