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Engaged Leaders
Maintain Others’

The Science of Selecting
High-Performing Leaders

This finding from The Science of Selecting High-Performing Leaders discusses how DDI assessments identify engaged leaders who spark engagement in others.
Engaged Leaders Maintain Others’ Engagement

Engaged Leaders:

Excel at engaging their employees. High assessment scorers were 240 percent more likely to excel at engaging employees than low scorers.

Increase loyalty and satisfaction. High scorers were 82 percent more likely to gain the loyalty and satisfaction of their direct reports.

Create more engaged workforces. In one organization, after adopting DDI’s interviewing program, 72 percent of the workforce declared a desire to remain at the company until retirement. In a second study, following the implementation of the same program, employee engagement scores placed the organization in the top one percent of healthcare organizations in the U.S.

Reduce employee turnover. High scorers were 350 percent more likely to have lower turnover among their direct reports in a large life insurance organization. Using the same assessment in a large technology organization, high scorers were 123 percent more likely to be highly engaged.

In a study of leadership transitions, a third of leaders indicated that engaging and inspiring employees is one of the most significant challenges of a new leadership role. This is potentially troubling, given that the quality of leadership from managers greatly influences employee engagement. The most effective leaders not only create an environment that others find engaging, but also perform better themselves when engaged in-role and in the business.

In a large study of nearly 4,000 employees across many organizations and industries, we measured the engagement level of both employees and their leaders, and examined the link between the two. Employees with highly engaged leaders had 14 percent higher engagement scores and indicated a greater (19 percent) likelihood of staying with the organization.

Engagement also translated to effectiveness: Highly engaged employees scored 2.5 to three times higher on job-performance measures.

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