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Unleash the Potential
of Emerging Leaders

Solutions to surface, activate, and
accelerate leaders in their early careers

The main goal of high-potential programs at this level is acceleration and continuous growth to fully engage and retain your talent to deliver results.

Unleashing the potential of emerging or informal leaders requires a unique approach compared to one you might take for your middle managers and executive leaders. Earlier in their careers, individuals haven’t always had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership behaviors and their leadership potential may be less visible to managers and decision makers. The sooner you can surface leadership potential, the quicker you can activate that potential and accelerate individuals towards future leadership roles.

DDI’s approach to unleashing the potential of early and emerging leaders moves beyond identifying “hi-pos" or the next batch of superheroes. To fully unleash individual potential, organizations must adopt a holistic approach that surfaces, activates, and accelerates leadership potential. At the individual contributor and frontline leader levels, leadership potential should consider underlying attributes and motivations to lead, as well as the skills aligned to future leadership requirements. DDI can help you plan for, deliver, and measure success.

Explore the following solutions for Emerging Leaders:

Leadership Pipeline: Emerging Leaders
Prepare for Success

DDI will work with you to assess the status of any current initiatives, determine your specific goals and objectives, and leverage our expert research and experience to offer suggestions and recommendations through:

Organizational Diagnostics
Get an objective review and scorecard of your current practices from a variety of formats including surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

Planning Workshops
All elements of your initiative—including communication, accountabilities, supporting skills, alignment with other systems, and metrics—are clearly mapped out and ready for execution.

Deliver Success

After you identify your goals and objectives, and are prepared to move forward, DDI will work with you to surface, activate, and accelerate leadership potential within your emerging leader population.

Surface the Potential of Emerging Leaders Surface the Potential of Emerging Leaders

The key to surfacing potential is increasing the visibility of those who might otherwise be missed.

Talent Scout Workshop
A workshop for HR managers, business leaders, stakeholders, or others you designate in the organization for whom you want to build their skills on surfacing talent. The Talent Scout Workshop can also help them explore and address unconscious biases that might influence their judgment and decisions. Using DDI’s leadership potential factors as a base, the workshop will help participants take a consistent and calibrated approach to identify individuals who offer the highest likely return on investment from development. This workshop can be delivered in half a day or in different formats.

Self-assessment to surface leadership potential, sooner.
DDI’s Early Identifier self-assessment predicts leadership growth in several areas based on a person’s foundational traits, motivations, and initial skills. The Early Identifier can help you provide a common language for discussing leadership potential and forecast the depth of your leadership bench.

Activate the Potential of Emerging Leaders Activate the Potential of Emerging Leaders

The key to activating potential is to provide individuals with clear and direct feedback to support their leadership journey.

Self-assessment to activate leadership potential, sooner.
In addition to surfacing potential earlier, DDI’s Early Identifier improves development discussions between participants and managers with online, interactive reports that guide and prioritize development areas.

Gain Deeper Insights with Simulations and Assessments
Whether it be your full cohort of emerging leaders or a select group of individuals for targeted development, DDI’s Manager Ready® is the award-winning virtual frontline leader assessment that provides accurate and unbiased information about an individual’s current and future capabilities. The simulation draws on real-world situations, so you can accurately evaluate if they’re ready to step in to larger leadership roles.

Managing Millennials Microcourse
Given that many emerging leaders are likely to come from this generation, DDI’s microcourse on Managing Millennials provides fresh insights on who millennials are, what they need and value most, and how to bring out the best in them.

Accelerate the Potential of Emerging Leaders  Accelerate the Potential of Emerging Leaders

At this level, emerging leaders need to develop the foundational skills necessary for future leadership success. They can build and apply new skills by exposing them as early as possible to a range of different situations and contexts.

Development Guides
The Early Identifier and Manager Ready® assessments provide individuals with insights on their strength and development areas, and include development guides that inform and direct development priorities and actions. These development guides provide 70-20-10 development suggestions based on an individual’s performance in the Early Identifier or Manager Ready assessment.

Deeper Dive Development
DDI offers a range of structured development offerings aligned to the areas covered in the Early Identifier assessment. These are available in a range of formats including digital, classroom and virtual classroom.

Customized Accelerated Development
To achieve the goal of any high potential initiative, DDI strongly recommends a focused and accelerated development experience that balances individual and group development needs. The key is to provide individuals with a portfolio of experiences and insights that truly stretch them. An accelerated development experience will draw on a range of learning assets including digital learning tools, simulations and case studies, skills practice and feedback, self-insight tools and coaching. DDI draws on our extensive ecosystem of leadership development content and tools, like Interaction Management®, to configure a powerful accelerated development experience.

Manager Support and Involvement

DDI’s manager support tools and leadership skills training ensure that your managers are prepared to champion early-career leadership initiatives and facilitate effective development conversations with their teams.

Measure Success

We know what your stakeholders need: proof of ROI. With our built-in, sustainability and online measurement tools, you’ll have the know-how and data to demonstrate both the leadership and business impact of all DDI solutions.

How Does This All Work Together?

DDI's solutions to plan for, deliver, and measure success are various components of a Learning Journey, a unique plan founded on the challenges facing your organization and integrated with ongoing initiatives. This sample Learning Journey represents one approach for emerging leaders taking on a frontline leader role. Let's work together to create a custom solution to unleash the potential of your emerging leaders.

Sample Learning Journey: Emerging Leaders
Talk to an Expert: Emerging Leaders
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