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Leadership Potential

Why high-potential programs aren’t working

The lost promise of leadership potential

While 65 percent of companies have high-potential programs, 68 percent say they're not very effective. Until now, the quest to capitalize on leadership potential has been about identifying the “haves and have nots.”

Transforming potential into meaningful business results requires far more than targeting the growth of small groups of high-potential leaders. To compete in a world of constant change, organizations must completely re-think their strategy and broaden their efforts to develop and unleash potential.

It’s not about leaders. It’s about leadership.

As organizations face unfamiliar challenges, success depends on increasing the frequency of leadership behavior from individuals and teams across the organization to ensure that the organization can deploy the right leadership at the right moment for the right context. So instead of redefining criteria and isolating a small group of “heroes,” the challenge is to understand and unleash the largest source of potential: The entire workforce.

How DDI is unleashing leadership potential

Our approach moves beyond high-potential strategies by taking a holistic view of potential that goes far beyond simply identifying leadership potential among individuals. Instead, we aim to surface, activate, and accelerate potential in individuals, within teams, and across the full force of the organization.

Learn more about how you can unleash potential within your emerging leader and executive leader populations:

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