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virtual interview


Hire the Best to Bounce Back: Every Hire Makes a Difference

On-demand Webinar: Learn how DDI's solutions can help you create a practical and objective framework to improve your selection process.

Watch Time: 60 min

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On-Demand Webinar

It’s the perfect time to hire the best talent. Whether your business is bouncing back strong or you’re hiring selectively for a few positions, the people who fill these roles will dramatically shape your future.

And that’s why it could be your perfect storm. Most employers haven’t reviewed their selection process in years. Job requirements are likely outdated. Hiring managers are ill-prepared for virtual interviews. Plus, research from 2020 shows that only 14% of leaders are confident in their hiring decisions. And if your candidate’s experience is less than ideal, a single negative post on social media could quickly erode trust (and yes, market share!).

Ready to win this war for talent? Join us in this on-demand webinar to explore how DDI’s solutions can support you. We’ll explore:

  • A practical framework to review and improve your selection process.
  • Why the interview can make or break the candidate experience.
  • How to stand out as an employer of choice with your process (and especially with the interview!).
  • How to ensure that candidates get a fair, unbiased experience.
  • How to train leaders in the skills that matter most.