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Meet our Leadership Team

Dorothea Müller-Stassek
Dorothea Müller-Stassek

Executive Consultant – Germany

Dorothea has worked as a senior consultant and facilitator for DDI since April 2001. In her current role as Consulting Manager, she partners with clients in the areas of selection, development, performance, and succession management. Dorothea advances various national and international initiatives drawing on her expertise and close insight from experience of working in the roles as recruitment specialist, key account manager, contracting facilitator and internal DDI consultant.

As a coach, certified assessor and master-trainer for DDI development and behavioural interviewing programs, she equally enjoys working with senior business and HR leaders. Dorothea leverages her insight into the unique needs of the clients and their leaders to roll out solutions that support their transformation efforts and objectives, fit organizational culture and achieve leadership excellence. Dorothea has a keen interest (and certification) in neuro-coaching and a strong passion and belief in the holistic approach, staying practical in her decisions and advice. She is a careful empathetic and thoughtful partner to some of our largest clients in Europe and around the world.