Meet our Leadership Team

Julie Hogan

Julie Hogan

Director - Culture and Client Success, DDI Australia

With over 20 years of experience – and passion – Julie leads a multitude of functions that drive DDI Australia’s success.  Her focus is always on supporting associates and clients in their leadership growth endeavours by creating alignment between what organisations need to achieve and how they do this through their best asset – their people.

With customer centricity as her driving force, Julie and her dedicated teams provide exceptional participant and candidate experiences throughout leadership programs and assessment simulations with the ultimate goal of igniting leadership insight and behaviour change.

Julie’s unwavering enthusiasm in showcasing emerging talent is evidenced in her leadership and partnership with The Australian Financial Review BOSS Young Executives of the Year.  Now in its 19th year, this exciting program has uncovered over 100 of Australia’s most successful young executives. Julie is also a judge in the Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders program in partnership with McDonalds Australia, which sources and promotes Australia’s future young leaders.