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Lorraine Blackburn

Lorraine Blackburn

Director, European Sales, Marketing and Project Management Operations and Global Licensee Partners

Lorraine has over 25 years of experience in DDI’s global operations.  She has been involved in the most complex of initiatives.  She is passionate about understanding DDI’s global clients needs and working to transform DDI’s internal processes to simplify global execution.  She leads key professionals in the European sales, marketing, and project management operations who work with some of DDI’s largest multinational clients.  In this role, she and her teams partner with elite organizations to align their talent strengths with their business strategies to create a sustainable and diverse pipeline of leaders for the future.  In addition, she manages DDI’s internal global operations, which includes translation and project portfolio management, and licensee partner relationships.  DDI’s licensee partners represent DDI solutions in Japan, South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia, Chile, Korea, and New Zealand. 

Lorraine loves and keeps learning more about the local cultures and business landscapes and challenges, similarities and differences within and outside of DDI.  She is driven to create the best customer experience, to build and sustain long-term business relationships that help clients achieve visible improvement and results in executing their people strategies. 

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