The Leadership Development Playbook

March 16, 2020


The eBook overviews trends and best practices to design powerful development experiences in a disruptive leadership development landscape.

The Leadership Development Playbook

What’s Getting in the Way of Results?

Budget. Limited attention spans. Too many options. Constant change. Travel restrictions. But research by Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn Learning found that time is the number-one obstacle to leadership development. With so many competing concerns, how can you design powerful leadership experiences with purpose that delivers impact? 

The Leadership Development Playbook includes a review of the current leadership development landscape and research-backed trends that point toward its future. It also includes a case for change and best practices drawn from DDI’s 50 years of experience working by the side of organizations around the world. 

Our playbook will help you:

  • Spot the trends disrupting leadership today
  • Understand common challenges leadership development teams face
  • Explore new perspectives to reimagine your approach to developing leaders
  • Tap into 5 best practices to deliver high-impact leadership experiences
  • Create blended learning journeys in multiple formats

The Leadership Development Playbook
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