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Many DDI associates are noted experts in their fields—development, assessment, succession management. Collectively, we have authored more than 50 books, most published by DDI Press. Topics include teams, hiring, competency-based HR solutions, leadership development, and retirement management.

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70: The New 50®
Retirement Management®: Retaining the Energy and Expertise of Experienced Employees

70: The New 50® is about Retirement Management®—an answer to the challenge of the impending baby boomer exodus from the workplace. For years, organizations have been concerned about succession management and retention management, but few have tried to encourage select retirement-age employees to stay longer. Most companies viewed such a practice as a waste of time because of the strong economic incentive to retire provided by conventional defined benefit plans. But that viewpoint has changed for most of the organizations that don’t have defined benefit plans, and it’s changing quickly for many of those that do. Throughout this book, we provide organizations with a strategy to proactively manage retirements…so retirements won’t manage your organization.

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Hard Cover (270 Pages) ------Order Code: BP70TN50HB
Price: $30.00 (US Dollar)
Grow Your Own Leaders®

Grow Your Own Leaders is designed to help you understand and implement systems that will develop the high-potential people your organization needs to grow and prosper—and to do it at "Web speed." As most senior executives realize, organizations need more good leaders, and they need them now. Throughout this book, we describe what we believe are best practices in areas related to successful succession management. For virtually every practice, we could have reported that "some do it this way, and some do it the other way..." and let the reader choose. Instead, with a few exceptions, we have hammered a stake in the ground and detailed what our experience has shown to be the best practices out of the spectrum of possibilities.

Click here to find out more about Grow Your Own Leaders®.

Soft Cover (376 Pages) ------Order Code: BPGYOLPB
Price: $29.95 (US Dollar)
HeroZTM - Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company

Apply self-empowerment strategies. Practice continuous improvement techniques. Develop partnerships with coworkers and customers. With the release of HeroZ, individual workers can learn the principles of empowerment, much like their supervisors and managers do with the international best-seller, Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment. The story begins at Lamron Castle where heroic knights proudly defend the citizens of the kingdom against the fire-breathing dragons. Their weapons? Magic Arrows that are guaranteed to destroy the invading dragons. As it happens, however, production of Magic Arrows at the castle falls behind and quality becomes a problem. While revitalizing their production processes, everyone learns valuable lessons about self-empowerment, continuous improvement, teamwork, and the need for long-term partnerships with internal and external customers.

Soft Cover ------Order Code: BPHZPB
Price: $11.95 (US Dollar)
Inside Teams: How 20 World-Class Organizations Are Winning Through Teamwork

Benchmark your teams. Learn from actual case studies. Find out what the future holds for teams. Why reinvent the wheel when you can get the inside story on successful team implementations from world-class organizations such as Colgate-Palmolive, Texas Instruments, Kodak, Westinghouse, and Eastman Chemical? Inside Teams is a compelling read that provides an up-close look at organizations that rely on their teams' successes to achieve their goals. See how your organization ranks against these top team performers, benefit from their experiences, and learn how to build team skills and avoid team pitfalls. A must-read for companies going through reengineering!

Hard Cover (346 Pages) ------Order Code: BPITHB
Price: $25.00 (US Dollar)
Leaders Ready Now

Leaders Ready Now challenges CEOs and Talent Management leaders to rethink lackluster approaches to accelerating leadership growth and to change the equation so that tools and processes don’t rob energy from the organization but, instead, create it. The authors take a fundamentally different angle and clearly illustrate how to transform your existing succession and development systems and grow the leaders your business needs—fast and fully enough to gain the advantage in a complex world.

Learn more and buy the book at Leaders Ready Now.

Hard Cover (321 Pages) ------Order Code: BPLRNHB
Price: $30.00 (US Dollar)
Organizational Change That Works: How to Merge Culture and Business Strategies for Maximum Results

Do you play an instrumental role in determining your organization’s future? Then this book is a must read! Organizational Change That Works outlines a change process that’s based on proven, real-world experience, using a plan that maximizes both capital and human assets.

Hard Cover ------Order Code: BPOCWHB
Price: $24.95 (US Dollar)
Realizing the Promise of Performance Management

For many companies, performance management is a boring, time-consuming ritual that yields little tangible benefit, without a hint of impact on the bottom line. Realizing the Promise of Performance Management paints the picture of an invaluable system that can underpin and permeate all organizational efforts—driving straight through to an improved bottom line. DDI’s President, Robert W. Rogers, presents more than a dozen case studies and builds a strong case for the whys of performance management—why spend time doing it right, why insist that senior executives model the process, why track how well the system works, and most of all, why demand that managers become skilled users of the system. Ultimately, as you’ll see by reading this book, because it will get results.

Soft Cover ------Order Code: BPRPPMPB
Price: $16.00 (US Dollar)
Shogun Managementtm: How North Americans Can Thrive in Japanese Companies

Shogun Management describes common cultural and communication problems at many Japanese organizations in North America and suggests ways that Japanese and North American managers can “blend” the positive aspects of their respective cultures to satisfy their differing expectations of both sides, while removing organizational and communication barriers. This book also offers practical ways to improve business partnerships and work together productively.

Hard Cover ------Order Code: BPSHOHB
Price: $25.00 (US Dollar)
Soft Cover ------Order Code: BPSHOPB
Price: $12.00 (US Dollar)
SPARK! How the Science Behind DDI Transforms Lives In and Out of the Workplace

In this collection of stories, DDI clients and associates from around the world share how they have become better people in and out of the workplace, sparked by an experience with DDI. These stories remind us that we are all catalysts for positive change in the workplace, among our family and friends, and within the community we live.

Click here to find out more about SPARK! How the Science Behind DDI Transforms Lives In and Out of the Workplace.

Soft Cover ------Order Code: MKTCPMIS668
Price: $7.50 (Worldwide) (US Dollar)
The Selection Solution: Solving the Mystery of Matching People to Jobs

Overcome the most common mistakes in hiring. Learn the secrets to successful interviewing. This book provides a proven methodology for maximizing hiring success. Graphics highlight the major elements, and a reference guide at the end of the book serves as a "mini manual" for quick review. Here you will find the 13 Common Problems to which interviewers typically fall prey, and the Seven Selection Solutions that assure the problems are solved within your organization.

Hard Cover (214 Pages) ------Order Code: BPSSHB
Price: $17.95 (US Dollar)
The Service Leaders Club

In this book, you'll read how Don, Stan and Maureen—three beleaguered service leaders—discover the secret of Zapping their service providers and Dazzling their customer. Dazzled customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers aren't just a competitive edge—they're a competitive necessity. After you read it, you'll know their secret and want to join the club!

Hard Cover (140 Pages) ------Order Code: BPSLCHB
Price: $17.95 (US Dollar)
Your First Leadership Job

Your First Leadership Job gives you practical advice straight from others who have walked in your shoes. Not only does it include dozens of tools to ensure your success, but it’s also based on the authors’ and DDI’s extensive experience and research, which ultimately has led to the development of millions of leaders around the world. In fact, a quarter-million leaders will be developed this year alone via DDI training.

Learn more and buy the book at Your First Leadership Job.

Soft Cover (267 Pages) ------Order Code: BPYFLJPBWOC
Price: $25.00 (US Dollar)
Zapp!® Empowerment in Health Care

Focus on patient care. Improve processes and procedures. Revitalize employee morale. Follow Med-Surg nursing supervisor JoAnn Mode on her delightful and wacky journey to the 12th Dimension where she discovers the secrets of empowerment in Zapp!® Empowerment in Health Care. A variation of the international business best-seller Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment, this health care version is filled with practical how-to's that health care providers can apply immediately. Issues such as a process improvement and organizational change are addressed.

Soft Cover ------Order Code: BPZPHCPBR
Price: $10.00 (US Dollar)
Zapp!® in Education

Foster an empowering learning environment. Discover school success strategies and effective interaction techniques. The same concepts described in the corporate setting of Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment come to life in this book adapted for educators, administrators, students, and parents. Zapp!® in Education shows why empowerment is crucial to school success and how it can help teachers and students create an atmosphere conducive to learning and personal growth.

Soft Cover ------Order Code: BPZPEDPB
Price: $10.00 (US Dollar)
Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment

Create an empowered workforce. Improve individual and team performance. Increase productivity and job satisfaction. Zapp! takes today's most powerful business tool (the concept of empowerment) from academic theory to inspiring, motivating energy that will enhance the success of any business. In today's competitive marketplace, companies must commit to quality and customer satisfaction. In commonsense terms, Zapp! shows managers and supervisors how to contribute to the satisfaction and self-esteem of employees while improving profitability and competitiveness.

Hard Cover (200 Pages) ------Order Code: BPZPHB
Price: $17.95 (US Dollar)
Soft Cover ------Order Code: BPZPPBR
Price: $11.00 (US Dollar)
ZAPP!® The Video/DVD

If you prefer to see and hear about empowerment, Zapp! The Video is your ticket. You will be introduced to four Key Principles that are vital to empowering leadership, discover why Zapp! is important to sustaining a productive and involved workforce, and develop a better understanding of empowerment and how it improves quality, productivity, and customer service. Adapted from the book, Zapp!® The Lightning of Empowerment, this delightful 26-minute video combines magical animation and exciting action. It includes a leader's guide to help you facilitate a lively conversation on empowerment.

Full Preview (Video Only) ------Order Code: ZPFLTPVXPKG
Price: $75.00 (US)

One-Week Rental (Video Only) ------Order Code: ZPTPVRPKG
Price: $250.00 (US)

Purchase Price for DVD ------Order Code: ZPDVDPKG
Price: $495.00 (US)

Purchase Price for Video ------Order Code: ZPTPVPKG
Price: $495.00 (US)

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