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Hire and promote the leaders your business really needs

What if you could transform your leadership team, end poor decision making, and ensure you have the right leaders to drive higher performance?

DDI helps you close the gap between your business needs and your talent capabilities with a multitude of products and services designed to assist your organization with pre-employment testing, employee onboarding, and talent acquisition. We’re the right-hand partner who can help you clearly and consistently define success. We also can supply the business intelligence your managers need to predict performance and make better, more confident talent selection decisions. Together, we can build a pool of leaders ready to step into your most critical roles when needed.

Here's how organizations like yours have achieved leader selection success:

more likely to champion change
more likely to build a customer service culture
additional in store sales, a 10% increase obtained by managers

Define Leadership Success

Create a roadmap of your most critical strategies, and then identify the elements that will define success for your leaders—and tie them back to the business.

We’ll work with you to align your leaders to your business with:

  • A definition of your organization’s key business challenges that leaders must conquer to successfully execute your strategic and cultural priorities.
  • A holistic profile of your leaders, defining the competencies, experience, knowledge, and personal attributes required for them to be successful.
Define Success

Map Your Leader Selection Journey

From attracting and recruiting the best talent, to fast, efficient employee onboarding, clients trust DDI’s expertise and innovation to build a roadmap for a high-impact, high-velocity leadership selection system that establishes a funnel of exceptional leadership candidates. Learn how you can:

  • Deploy high-impact automated diagnostics and tests to drive scale and efficiency.
  • Perfect the interview with the most accurate behavioral interviewing system and pre-employment testing.
Map Your Leader Selection Journey

Predict Performance

"Right leader, right role" starts with the data. DDI’s data-driven insights ensure your external hires and internal promotions are more accurate and laser-focused, and based on the capabilities and results most critical for your organization. We help you select the right leaders with:

  • Structured behavioral interviewing that arms your hiring managers with the tools, skills, and process to perfect the interview and interpret critical candidate information.
  • Assessments at every level of the pipeline, from the CEO to the frontline.
Predict Performance

Onboard Leaders

The first 90 days are the most critical in any role. You need to upskill your leaders, accelerate their time to productivity, and transition them smoothly into their new roles, the business challenges, and your organization’s corporate culture. DDI's employee onboarding tools provide the knowledge and guidance needed to:

  • Accelerate your new leaders’ speed to contribution.
  • Equip your leaders to engage their employees immediately.
Onboard Leaders

Forecast Future Leaders

DDI goes beyond metrics to deliver business and leadership ROI that will help you make confident talent acquisition decisions for your future through deeper insights and data-driven intelligence to:

  • Deliver more business impact with evaluation and analytics.
Forecast the Future
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